Spring Garden Update

One word would summarize my garden this spring and that is wet.  My area of the county has had multiple days of one and 2 inches of rain .  Our dry spells have to be measured in hours rather then days in most cases.  Despite the horrible weather I have managed to get a few things done this spring with the one or two days it’s been dry enough to plant.


This past weekend is when most of my planting this spring took place.  We had about 3 days of dry weather and I took Onionsadvantage of it to get my onions out.  This years list of onions planted includes Yellow of Parma, Ailsa Craig, and Candy. The first two onions are open pollination varieties and the last is a hybrid that I haven’t grown in years.  I also have a few Bianca di Maggio Onions planted that will be used for seed next year.  Onions require two growing seasons to produce viable seed.  These over wintered hanging in my closet.  Luckily I have a large closet so I can fit everything in there and still manage to not have my clothes smell like onion.


Yukon Gold potatoesThis years potatoes have made it into the ground finally.  Potato lore says that you should have your potatoes planted by Good Friday.  This year mine were later then that but close enough that I will still get a good crop later this summer. The last few years I’ve planted kennebec potatoes, but wanted to try something new this year.  I’ve planted Yukon Gold Potatoes.  I’ve planted these a few time over the years but my production hasn’t been anywhere close to as good as Kennebecs.  Kennebec potatoes should produce anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds of potatoes per plant.  I haven’t reached this threshold yet when I grow them but maybe next year.  As you can see from the picture I plant one potato per square foot of garden space.  The bed is 6 in above the soil line and has worked better for me then anything else I have tried.  I’ve had 12 in deep beds but those didn’t produce anymore potatoes then my 6 in beds.  These are so much easier and cheaper to build as well.


The Garlic from one of my first posts is doing very well. Almost every clove spouted this Garlicspring and it looks like I will have one of my top garlic harvest in the making.  I also plant more then I can actually use in a year so that i can trade it with friends for items I don’t have room to grow.  I also dry garlic in the food dehydrator to be used as garlic chips or powder in cooking. Some of the best bulbs will be used to plant next years garlic this fall. Buying garlic sets from a greenhouse or seed company is pretty expensive so being able to produce your own sets saves a ton of money.  They also become locally adapted over time, but not as quickly as they would if produced by true garlic seed.

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