Tip from the Homestead #1 – Matching Socks.

Like everyone else these days I live a very busy life.  Between work, the garden, fishing, hunting, and the day to day chores around the apt I don’t have much time to just waste doing things that don’t really matter.  Over the years I’ve learned a few things that have either saved me a ton of time or saved me money, both of which are in short supply.  I’m going to pass along some of these tips so that hopefully you to can save time and money.

Tip from the Homestead #1 Matching Socks.

It may seem pretty minor but matching socks can take up a lot of time when you end up with a basket full of them or worse yet digging around in them while getting ready for work.  When you take your socks off at the end of the day, pin them together with a safety pin before putting them in the dirty clothes. When you go to wash your clothes put the pinned socks right into the washing machine. At the end, when you are folding clothes you will find your socks pinned together and can match them in seconds verses having to hunt for the pair or worse yet loosing it completely. I’ve saved a ton of time and lost socks doing this very thing.  Make sure to pin the socks very tight or they could pull apart the pin or worse yet damage your socks.  Having the pin fixed tight prevents the sock from spinning on the pin which causes the damage.  Hope this is as helpful to everyone as it has been for me.

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