Growing Rosemary


If I had to pick a favorite herb it would be Basil, but a close second would be Rosemary.  I used it in a ton of different ways including adding it to chicken and a few select bread recipes.

I’ve grown an assortment of different rosemary varieties over the years and the best one I have found so far, happen to come from the grocery store. That’s right the grocery store.  I’ve purchased a ton of rosemary plants over the years and most of them sit and do little to nothing until the last 2 weeks of summer when they decide it’s time to start growing. It’s kinda late in the game to produce anything for the winter at that point.  

So why am I talking about buying rosemary from the store instead of growing it? Because rosemary is extremely easy to propagate. The propagation process is as easy as taking a limb from a rosemary plant removed the leaves at the bottom near the cutting, roughly an 1 1/2 to 2 inches, and sticking it in some water or soil until it roots. I’ve done this for years producing very vigorous plants that start produce as soon as they have a strong root system.

The next time you purchase fresh rosemary and have that little bit left over that you say you will surely use this week. (note:it never gets used) Remove the leaves near the cut end and stick it in some water.  In a few weeks you will have your very own rosemary plant for your window and kitchen.

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