Small Space Gardening

Many people view small space garden as only an option for growing a few tomato plants or possibly a zucchini plant. They limit their view of small space gardening to items that tend
to produce large fruits or vegetables. I’m going to tell you that you can doGarlic so much more in small spaces.

For years I have had a love of small space gardening.  It dates back as far as I can remember.  I, until currently, have always had access to all the land I could ever want to plant, but have always choose the small space option.  I love how everything blends together,  flows and shapes make for an interesting scene for the eye.  I’m also amazed at the amount of produce that can be generated from each square foot of small space garden.

PotatoesI’m so amazed with it that a few years ago I started keeping track of the average amount of produce produced
per square food based on plant varieties. I thought this information could be very helpful to small space gardeners who were interested in producing the most
produce per square foot. Sadly due to the recent computer problems I lost my last few years of information.  So this year I’m starting from scratch. Which means I canLettuce correct some of my problems from the past and hopefully produce better data. Although weight isn’t the best
measurement  for produce it is the easiest for record.

Back to small space gardening, I’ve tried a few different setup over the years and by far the best setup I have found Cabbageis square foot gardening made famous by Mel Bartholomew.  It’s a great way to create beautiful gardens, but also maximize production.  Square foot gardening is basically a system for spacing plants within a garden space based on a square foot bed.  In my case all of my beds are setup as 4 ft by 4 ft beds.  This allows me Peasto walk around and work all sides of the bed without having to step into the growing space. This helps keep the soil from packing down and limits the amount of digging and cultivating I have to do when working the ground. The down fall of square foot gardening is that it requires a lot Peppersof hand work since most tools will not fit in the limited
space provided in a square foot planting system.


If you would like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening I recommend you check out the book sources available on this site.  I would also recommend checking out My Square Foot Garden for information on plant spacing and interesting ideas for your garden.

For frequent updates on what is taking place on the homestead please follow my twitter @smallhomestead I tend to post to twitter about ever two days or less with updates and new blog posts.



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