A winter at the vise

After making some adjustments in commitments in my personal life, I’ve finally freed up some time to do things I love and get back to posting here again. One of the first things I made time for this winter/spring was getting back to my fly tying desk once a week versus every 3 or 4 months. It seemed like every time I had a moment to go fly fishing I didn’t have the flies for the trip and would have to change my plans.  I set out to change this ongoing problem and started to finally work on a surplus of flies for almost any occasion.

When i go fishing I rarely have one species in mind, and instead go prepared for whatever might be biting.  Now and then i take specialty trips and head to the Smoky

An assortment of flies ready to go into the box

Mountains for some mountain trout or I head to northern Indian to chase some fall steelhead/salmon.  This type of fishing present a challenge when you tie your own flies if you don’t have a surplus ready to go. This past winter i worked on the surplus so that I could spend my time fishing instead of working on last second flies.  My main focus in terms of patterns have been bluegill and bass since they tend to be what i catch the most of in my part of the country. Frequently fished patterns included hares ear nymph, woolly bugger, black nose dose, copper johns, pheasant tails nymphs, and my personal favorite Panfish Polecat.  

Just finished before trimming the legs

Most of these are versatile trout flies that work wonders for catching summer bluegill.  The Panfish Polecat combines my favorite aspects of standard nymph patterns with the constant movement of marabou and rubber legs. If you would like to learn to tie this awesome fly click here for a direct link to the website.  Make sure to check out some of the other awesome fly pattern listed there as well.  

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