Plants on the Roof!

This summer/spring has been a weird experience for me on almost a daily basis.  I wake up each morning and proceed to open open my blinds for the day ahead.  Only good days begin with morning sunshine while I have my breakfast.  When I open my blinds on the north side of my apt I don’t find my typical black roof jetting out..  I now find a little bit of green and blue.

This year I made the decisions to give up my community garden space based on some ongoing problems they reduced to even look into solutions to fix. As a result I’ve had to be a little creative in terms of my annual gardening plan.  Part of this years veggies are being grown at my parents place roughly and hour and a half away.  They worked in my veggies into their garden and on my frequent trips home I help them take care of the garden as a whole.  There are still a few things that I like having fresh around the my apartment though and tomatoes and peppers are two of them.  I don’t have the space for squash but i do have some ideas for next year. This is where my blue bucket come into play.

I have two 5 gallon buckets as an experiment with tomatoes and peppers growing in them. The soil is a mix of compost and top soil but both contained a lot of organic matter which i hope will allow them to retain water this summer better then normal potting soil. The bucket is your standard 5 gallon bucket with a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Since they are in such a confined space I fertilize both buckets once a week with a very weak liquid fertilizer at half strength.  I normally don’t fertilize midseason but I haven’t done this before so it’s more an experiment.  I’ll make changes as the summer goes along to see how the plants respond.

As of right now the plants are doing great and the peppers have started producing blooms.  I’ll have to put in some stakes here soon for each bucket as the plants grow.  My main concerns are water, the buckets tipping, and possible the heat with the black roof.  I’ll keep you posted on how things progress and problems and solutions  over the summer.

For more gardening related post checkout My little slice of Heaven , and my post on growing garlic.

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