The Apple Pie

I love apple pie but for years it was a challenge I just didn’t feel I was up too.  Over the years I’ve had some very memorable apple pies made from friends and from bakeries.  Some memorable for not the best reason.  My biggest complaint with them has been lack of taste of weird crust textures.  A few years ago I set out to figure out how to make an apple pie I liked. I used many recipes combinations but finally settled on one for the crust and filling.

For the filling i used the recipe Apple Pie By Grandma Ople and for the crust I use Ruth’s Grandma’s Pie Crust.  One change to the Apple Pie By Grandma Ople, add the brown sugar filling potion before putting on the top potion of the pie.  The crust has a large amount of lard/shortening and melts pretty quickly if anything gets on it before baking.  This combination is amazing and my dad looks forward to those moments when I bring him a pie home.  Just a few more months and fresh apples will be available in my areas.  Can not wait!

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